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Annie loves to provide painting workshops tailored to your needs, generally run from her home studio in Corsham, Wiltshire.

Annie asks that you ideally get a small group of people together and contact her with preferred dates/times.


Suggested themes are shown below. 

  • Workshops are typically 2.5hrs long

  • Ideally Wednesday/Thursday/Friday's work best, but there is flexibility! 

  • Prices are typically £40 per person, in group sizes of between 3-6.

  • For 2 people classes would be £50 per person

  • Materials are provided (do bring an easel, canvas if you would like one, or favourite brushes if you have them for a painting session)

  • No experience necessary!

Please bring an apron or messy clothes - this is an art class!

Do please get in touch if you are interested. Contact details are top right and below.


Annie is the queen of all things bright and she loves helping people reach get creative with paint.

Acrylic is a very forgiving medium and is relatively easy for beginners. 

We typically work from photos, or a flower arrangement/small set up still life. But alternatively you could have a go at bold landscape paintings from your own image, or a view you love. Annie is open to whatever you would like to work from, but please let her know in advance.  

All materials are provided, including paper, paint, brushes etc. Annie recommends you bring a canvas (if you would like to work on one), and if you have an easel that might help too (Annie has a few, but it depends on numbers). Messy Clothes/aprons are a must!


Come and have a lot of fun at a creative collage session! 


We will typically build up stunning papers using stencils, sponges, bright paint and individually cut pattern stamps. We will then use the papers created, and other supplementary pre-prepared pieces to build up stunning collaged animals.

Before christmas we might make angels or wreaths, which you could then scan to make into beautiful individualised christmas cards at a local print shop. 

All materials are provided, including paper, paint, brushes etc.  Messy Clothes/aprons are a must!

See above for details on numbers/timings/pricing. 


This is such a great fun thing to try! Have heaps of fun experimenting with layers of paint to create one of a kind prints.

This fish monoprint is just one idea, but there are no end of possibilities, from abstract works, to eggs in nests! Annie can show you some examples. 

Build up your prints using layers of colourful paint using a special printing plate and stencils (or using some of the pre-made ones). We may then add accents using oil pastels.


See above for details on numbers/timings/pricing. 


Watercolour is a wonderfully fluid and exciting medium to work with. But, it can require a little more mastery to perfect. 

Annie has been experimenting for years with watercolour and has finally reached a point where she can produce the vibrant kind of work she enjoys, using the right paints and brushes. 

We are likely to work form black and white landscape images and use these to create vibrant works where we can be expressive with colour, with some help from the colour wheel.

Do please come and give it a try!

All materials are provided, including paper, paint, brushes etc.  Messy Clothes/aprons are a must! Do bring favourite brushes and watercolour sets if you have them.


See above for details on numbers/timings/pricing.